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New to the Military – Benefits

Military life has a long list of rewarding benefits that are hard to match in the civilian world. Take full advantage of them to help you thrive in your new career.

General benefits

  • Food and housing: Free dining services and housing on base, or allowances that are tax-free.
  • Moving benefits: The military pays for much of your travel and expenses for required moves.
  • Health care: Health care and dental care are covered, including prescriptions.
  • Cash bonuses: Available for certain kinds of duty, some tax-free.
  • Paid vacation: You’ll earn 30 days a year plus some holidays, starting in your first year.
  • Educational benefits and training: You’ll receive advanced technical and specialty training in the service. Plus, you can take advantage of substantial education benefits and tuition assistance while you’re in the service and afterwards.
  • “Space Available” travel: Space A travel makes you eligible for free flights almost anywhere in the world at no cost. As a service member, you’re also eligible for special discounts offered by hotels and airlines.
  • Discounts and deals: As a service member and a veteran, you are eligible for discounts on shopping and services, both on base and in the private sector.
  • Home loans and housing: You could be eligible for special deals on home loans and housing, both in the service and as a veteran.
  • Military pension: With a 20-year active-duty career, you’ll earn retirement pay and also keep your health benefits and on-base shopping privileges.
  • MilTax: Free tax services that include easy-to-use software and support services.
  • The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance: This program offers free in-person tax preparation and assistance at locations on and off base worldwide.
  • And more. The military also offers many more free programs and discounts that save you money, from low-cost life insurance to no-cost recreational programs.

Benefits by service branch

Whether you want to learn more about your benefits, understand how to access them, or have other questions, Military OneSource stands ready to help. Call 800-342-9647, click, or send a chat request. Military OneSource is ready to help 24/7.

Specialty consultations, assistance and coaching

Our mission at Military OneSource is to put information at your fingertips to answer your questions and help you handle potential issues. Through specialty consultations, we offer easy-access, no-cost assistance with services such as:

  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Tax services and financial counseling
  • Legal information
  • Document translation
  • Interpretation services
  • Education consultations
  • Adoption counseling
  • Assistance with exceptional family members
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Spouse education and career counseling
  • Elder care
  • Wounded warrior assistance

Confidential, non-medical counseling

If you feel that an issue could affect your ability to focus and be strong, it’s important to address it early. Our trained counselors can offer counseling on a number of non-medical challenges. We can coach you or your family members on issues including:

  • Stress or anger management
  • Adjustment difficulties like returning from a deployment
  • Improving relationships at home and work
  • Marital problems
  • Parenting challenges
  • Coping with loss
  • For youth: family relationships, school, adjustment to separation, grief and loss.

Military OneSource non-medical counseling gives you the chance to talk to a trained professional — people who are experienced and understand military life — for an hour up to twelve times a year. This free support is completely confidential. Services are not reported to command and will not affect your military career or security clearance, or your spouse’s.

Learn more about non-medical counseling. And feel free to take advantage of our support and information to keep your health strong, help work through issues, and be mission ready throughout your new military career. We’re here to help, call 800-342-9647. Military OneSource stands ready to help 24/7.

Plus, there are the military benefits you won’t see on paper:

  • You have the pride and honor of serving your country.
  • You belong to a military community with a long, proud tradition.
  • You learn self-discipline and earn respect, experience and skills that make you stand out.

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