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Military Housing: Living on an Installation for the First Time

Moving is an exciting time and moving on to a military installation for the first time can be a great opportunity to become part of a service-oriented community and connect with other military families.

Becoming a member of the military installation community

A move anywhere is a life change and involves exciting opportunities and raises many questions. Help prepare yourself and your family for this transition by reviewing the below tips. Here are some handy tips for enjoying the move to your new home on a military installation:

  • Take control of your situation by maintaining a positive attitude and participating in military community activities.
  • Get to know the people who live in your neighborhood. This will help you feel more connected in your new environment and help ease the transition.
  • Take advantage of the programs and activities available to your family such as the computer labs and gymnasiums in the youth center. The commissary, exchange, medical treatment facility, child care and other options are also available to you.
  • Seek out the Military Family Support Center at your destination installation. The center has programs and services that can assist you and your family throughout your military career. The center has a relocation assistance professional that can assist you with moving related needs.
  • Military installations have transportation offices that can help you schedule the shipping of household goods and other items.
  • Use the online relocation tools available at Plan My Move to help you ship your belongings to the military installation.

Living on a military installation for the first time as a military spouse

Here are some of the things you may experience while living on a military installation:

  • Military installations are monitored by military police, so they provide some extra reassurance.
  • Although loud noises can sometimes accompany training activities, these sounds eventually blend into your everyday routine. The military installation’s youth center is a great place for your children to find new friends. You also could find yourself befriending the parents of those children.
  • Community resources are easily accessible on military installations. Everything from child care and a library to medical treatment and recreational facilities are available to you and your family.
  • Military housing is more affordable than the housing options available outside of the installation. The reduction in cost-of-living expenses will give your family the opportunity to save money.

Military OneSource provides helpful tips and advice on how to enjoy your new surroundings and perks that come with moving to a military installation. Take advantage of its relocation assistance so you can master your move.

Military OneSource special needs consultants can answer your questions and concerns about the care and education of your child or adult family member with special needs. Call us at 800-342-9647. OCONUS/International? Click here for calling options.

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