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Permanent changes of station can be a challenge for military youth. That’s why the military offers the Youth Sponsorship Program and installations offer youth programs and centers — to help military youth get to know their new community, meet new friends and start to feel at home.

Become a youth sponsor

If your child would like to become a youth sponsor, contact your installation School Liaison Program or youth program/center for more information.

Youth Sponsorship Program

Like the adult sponsorship program, youths are paired up with sponsors before they move. Youth sponsors already live in the new location and often attend the same school. Youth sponsors can answer questions in advance about the installation, schools and the overall community, and help transitioning youth feel connected even before they make the move. Sponsors can also introduce new youth to the variety of opportunities available through military youth programs/centers on installation.

For more information about youth sponsors, or if you miss finding a sponsor prior to departing your installation, contact the youth programs staff at your new installation to get connected and tour the youth/teen center.

You can also contact your installation School Liaison Program office for information about school-based youth sponsorship programs such as Anchored4Life and Student2Student. These peer-to-peer programs help your student adjust to and navigate their new school.

Installation-specific youth programs and centers

Installation youth programs and centers are staffed by caring professionals and provide safe, developmentally appropriate places for military youth to socialize and grow, develop essential skills and make lasting connections. Programs vary by location but typically include: sports and fitness activities; field trips; computer labs for homework support and tutoring; music, art, and game rooms; instructional classes and camps; as well as a great place to hang out with friends. Youth centers also offer leadership, college preparation and workforce development opportunities through Boys & Girls Clubs of America and 4-H partnership programs.

Youth living off installations can also access a variety of programs through 4-H, Armed Services YMCAs, the National Military Family Association and Operation Purple®. Learn more about the variety of opportunities offered through military youth and teen programs.

View the The Value of Military Youth Programs video here.

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