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Military OneSource Podcast Military OneSource podcasts are a simple way to connect to your best MilLife. They can help you live your best military life, overcome challenges and thrive.

Turn to the Military OneSource podcast for information, tools and resources on topics unique to the military, like spouse employment, special needs family members, deployment, relocation, finances, parenting and more.

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Most Recent Episodes

Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention

Learn the difference between child abuse and neglect, including various signs to watch out for and where to make a report. Also, learn about the New Parent Support Program available for parents.

Troops to Teachers Program

Learn about Troops to Teachers, a program that helps service members and veterans become certified and employed as teachers in K-12 schools.

Come Grow With Us

Learn about the DOD’s career opportunities initiative, Come Grow With Us, offering employment with high-quality child development and youth programs on or near military installations worldwide.

Military Youth And Teen Programs

This podcast explores educational, recreational and leadership opportunities for military children through military Youth Programs and teen centers.

Survivor Benefit Plan Optional Child Annuity

In this podcast, learn about the elimination of the Optional Annuity for Dependent Children, what the changes mean for military families and who it affects.

Changes to SBP and DIC Payments for Eligible Survivors

Learn about changes to the Survivor Benefit Plan and the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation payments coming in 2023, resulting from the elimination of the Optional Annuity for Dependent Children.

Thrive for Families in the Exceptional Family Members Program

Learn more about Thrive’s free, online parenting-education programming and the supplemental module for families with special needs.

School Liaisons and Geo-Dispersed Families

Learn how the military School Liaison Program provides a wide range of support for geographically dispersed families. Topics discussed include parent empowerment, educational partnerships and more.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership

Learn about the Military Spouse Employment Partnership and how to find a career with one of its more than 600 employers who have committed to recruit, hire, promote and retain military spouses.

After a Suicide

Learn about two online courses available through MilLife Learning designed to provide support for those who are exposed to a suicide and help service providers learn how to support survivors.

The Words We Use Matter

Learn what child-focused language is, how it relates to problematic sexual behavior in children and youth, and ways that language impacts families and responses from professionals.

4-H Military Partnership Program

4-H Military Partnership provides valuable life skills, programs and resources for military children and youth across the country and around the world.

Typical Sexual Development in Children and Youth

Learn about typical sexual development in children and youth, as well as problematic behaviors, the impact of social media, when caregivers should be concerned and the different resources available.

Disposition Options for Military Families

This podcast discusses the various final disposition options available to family members if their service member dies, plus overviews the support available to help them during this difficult time.


Curious about cryptocurrency? Learn what it is, how it works and the pitfalls to watch out for.


Learn about DANTES, a free education and career planning program for actively serving U.S. military members, including members of the National Guard, the reserves and the Coast Guard.

The Role Parents Should Have in the Life of Their Teen

Learn from an expert in adolescent medicine about what happens during adolescence and the role parents should have in the life of their teen.

American Red Cross Emergency Messaging

Learn more about American Red Cross support programs for military families such as emergency messaging, financial assistance, the Hero Care Network and more.

OurRelationship: A Free, Flexible Program To Strengthen Your Relationship

Learn about OurRelationship, a free, flexible program to help military couples work through challenges that may arise during any relationship phase or stage of military life.

Adoption and Foster Care

Learn about adoption and foster care information resources available to military families to help navigate adoption and foster care and learn about resources to help parents and children adjust and thrive through changes.

Installation Program Directory

Find programs and services at your local installation.