Members of the military get rocking benefits. These range from educational benefits and cash bonuses, to tax-free housing, food allowances and pensions. Military benefits and entitlements extend to service members and their families during all phases of the deployment cycle. Make sure you know what’s available.

Understand what you are entitled to

  • The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides service members with a range of rights and benefits, from interest rate reductions to eviction protection. Know your rights and available benefits.
  • houses information on the wide range of benefits available to active-duty military and veterans. It’s a go-to resource for all service members and families, containing information on interest rate reductions, tax benefits, educational and medical benefits, and many other benefits you’re entitled to.
  • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of benefits and services to active-duty service members.

Take advantage of deployment cycle benefits

The Military Deployment Guide provides a map for the road ahead, including the many benefits service members and their families are entitled to. These include:

  • Health care: Before deployment, service members are required to complete a Pre-Deployment Health Assessment to record and evaluate their current health and to ensure that they receive any needed care. Family members of active-duty service members are entitled to health care insurance through the military’s program called TRICARE.
  • Financial: Service members typically receive special pay and benefits during deployment. Contact or visit your installation personal financial manager or a Military OneSource financial counselor to find out more.
  • Education and other benefits: Upon return from a deployment, service members and their families may become entitled for a variety of benefits. Some require enrollment, so it is important for service members and family members to be aware of them and to take any necessary enrollment steps on time, if they meet specified eligibility requirements. These include post-deployment health benefits, education and training benefits, wounded warrior benefits and survivor benefits.
  • Confidential non-medical counseling and specialty consultations: Military families face frequent moves, deployments and separations from loved ones. Sometimes some extra support can make all the difference during deployment. Military OneSource provides confidential non-medical counseling, specialty consultations and other forms of free confidential help to service members and immediate family members. Call 800-342-9647.

For National Guard and reserve members

The Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act offers protections when service members are called to active duty. Learn about your rights at the Department of Labor website.

National Guard and reserve members with active service may also qualify for a variety of VA benefits. See the department’s National Guard and reserve page for more information about these benefits.

Benefits for survivors

Service members and spouses can access the Online Survivor Benefits Report. This is a personalized, online benefits calculator available to surviving spouses of service members who have died while on active duty. It allows survivors to see what their benefits should be today and how they would change based on “what if” scenarios, like remarriage, employment or unemployment, and more. Learn more about survivor benefits:

The military offers benefits to support you and your loved ones throughout the deployment process and beyond. Making the most of the military’s benefits can strengthen the homefront and your family’s pocketbook.

Whether you want to learn more about your benefits, understand how to access them or have other questions, Military OneSource stands ready to help. Call 800-342-9647 or live chat with us today.