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Building Strong and Ready Teams

Benefit overview

Building Strong and Ready Teams is an Army command-directed, chaplain-led, community partnered effort that strengthens spiritual readiness for soldiers of all ranks and their families.

How this benefit helps

Research shows that a healthy marriage and strong family bonds help build resiliency, reducing the stressors that can endanger readiness. BSRT integrates the respected work of successful faith-based and secular relationship-building programs. Whether you are single or married, BSRT retreats can help you work towards a lasting, loving relationship.

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Strengthen your spiritual readiness.

Building Strong and Ready Teams events can help soldiers and their families in any situation.  BSRT has events are for:

  • Couples and families
  • Single soldiers
  • Unit-level training
  • Moral training for leadership
  • Events for families of deployed soldiers

How to access this benefit

Find an event through the BSRT website. You can also contact the BSRT program support team to request additional information or to schedule an event.

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