Relocation is part of military life. Every few years your family may be required to move — across your school district, to another town or state, or even to another country. Relocating a school-aged child includes its own unique challenges and responsibilities. School liaisons provide practical information on enrollment, placement and attendance, as well as other helpful resources you’ll need to successfully help your children navigate these transitions and build lifelong resiliency.


A family speaks with a school liaison
How School Liaisons Help Students Realize Education Goals and More

Learn how school liaisons can help with a wide variety of child and youth education issues.

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Advance Enrollment for Military Children

Advance Enrollment, an initiative that enables parents to pre-enroll their children in a school district before they arrive at their PCS destination, is now the policy in 34 states.

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Coping with Standardized Testing Systems When You Change Schools

Whether it’s your first move or your fifth, even the most organized military parents need help navigating a new school district’s standardized testing system.

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The Interstate Compact Makes Changing Schools Easier for Military Children

When moving to a new duty station means going to a new state as well as a new school for your kids, rest assured that the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children is designed to make the transition smooth.

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Department of Defense Directory on Early Intervention, Special Education and Related Services in OCONUS Communities

Whether your family is moving to Ansbach, Germany, or Camp Zama, Japan, you’ll want to know everything you can about overseas schools, especially if you have children with special educational needs.


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