The international and multicultural nature of military life can often make translation and interpretation services vital. Military OneSource offers both written and real-time interpretation and translation services to military members and their families.

Language interpretation services

Military OneSource offers language interpretation services for military family members who need help speaking or writing in English. These services ensure that every eligible family member can access our services and consultants. Get real-time language translation services in 150 languages, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Know that medical information cannot be discussed or delivered using Military OneSource translation services.

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Document translation services

Whether you are signing a property lease overseas or getting married in another country, finding accurate document translation services can be very important. Military OneSource can help you translate your documents or find someone who can. Get notarized and certified translations for leases, marriage licenses, adoption paperwork, birth certificates and school transcripts. Not all documents — including medical documents — qualify for Military OneSource translation services. But Military OneSource can help you find additional assistance if needed.

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