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New Survivor Casualty Assistance Form Offers Personalized, Timely Support

A new form gives survivors a place to submit their questions and concerns if they aren’t sure where to go for information regarding the benefits and support available to them.

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Tax Extensions for Survivors

If you’re a survivor of a service member who has died on active duty, you may have the option of taking extra time to file your tax return.

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Certification Process Eases for Student Recipients of Survivor Benefit Plan

The certification process has gotten easier for students age 18 and older covered as a child annuitant under the military Survivor Benefit Plan. SBP students now have more time to file their certifications each semester and can file school certification forms online.

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Understanding the Survivor Benefit Plan

The Survivor Benefit Plan, or SRB, allows retired service members to allocate a portion of their retired pay to a spouse or other eligible beneficiary after their death. Every retiring service member with an eligible spouse or child receives automatic enrollment in the Survivor Benefit Plan at the maximum level

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Understanding the Probate Process, Survivor Benefits and Resources for Financial Planning

While no actions can erase the pain you feel after losing a family member or loved one, getting your financial and legal affairs in order can be a small step in the right direction and can provide some peace of mind during this difficult time.


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