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The courses below provide an overview of key survivor benefits and resources available to families. This includes the death gratuity benefit, a critical financial resource to survivors of service members who die on active duty, as well as programs to assist with the final move. Also discussed are ways to stay connected to the military community and get support after you’ve moved off an installation.

Learn more about each of the casualty assistance courses below.

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These courses support the mind and career areas of your MilLife.

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The Defense Department strives to ensure that military families have support in their time of need. View this eTutorial for general information about the program and the services available to eligible beneficiaries.
Length: 9 minutes
View this eTutorial for details about investigations that may be conducted after accidents or incidents that involve the death of a loved one and the information provided to the primary next of kin upon request.
Length: 10 minutes
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Making that final military move without your service member may seem overwhelming. Use this eTutorial to better understand the process and benefits available to you as you take the final steps in your relocation.
Length: 7 minutes
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By taking this course, you will learn about the death gratuity benefit and the financial help it provides to designated survivors when a service member dies while on active duty.
Length: 7 minutes
Providing military funeral honors is the nation's way of showing gratitude and paying final tribute to a veteran's honorable military service. Use this eTutorial to better understand the Military Funeral Honors program and eligibility.
Length: 6 minutes
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In the aftermath of a suicide, you may experience a wide range of complex emotions and may need to learn new ways of caring for yourself and others. This course provides compassionate support and helpful guidance to those affected by a death by suicide. It covers communication techniques, ways to connect to or stay connected to a support system, and reminders for how to maintain your physical and mental health during this difficult time.
Length: 45 minutes
woman hugs friend
Did you know as many as 135 individuals are impacted by each suicide? The weight of death's effects are far and wide. Survivors, including fellow service members, are not immune to death's impacts. As a service provider, you are not immune either. This course will help service providers gain a greater awareness of the complicated nature of suicide, establish rapport and support suicide loss survivors, and offer tools to help protect against the heavy impact of a suicide death.
Length: 2 hours
woman uses laptop
The online survivor benefits report is an interactive financial planning tool available to eligible surviving spouses, guardians of dependent children and adult children. This report helps you make sound decisions by estimating how time and circumstances can affect your monthly and annual income.
Length: 6 minutes
purple pin
Have you ever seen a service flag or lapel button with a gold star and wondered what it meant? In this course, you will review the history behind the creation of the Service Flag and the Gold Star Lapel Button. This course also presents who is eligible to display the Service Flag and may receive and wear the Gold Star Lapel Button or the Next of Kin of Deceased Lapel Button.
Length: 7 minutes
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Serving as a Casualty Assistance Officer is one of the most important duties you may have in your career. You only have one chance to do it right. One of the ways you can effectively perform this duty is by understanding the Survivor Benefits Report. In this eLearning course, you will review the information contained in the Survivor Benefits Report and go over best practices, resources and recommendations when assisting surviving family members.
Length: 40 minutes
woman holds paperwork
Are you prepared for end-of-life? Death is inevitable and cannot be avoided no matter your walk of life. Take this course to understand the impacts of making your final wishes known, the misconceptions regarding this process and the terms often associated with estate planning. Making your final wishes known may feel daunting and that's okay. This course will help you get started.
Length: 45 minutes

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