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Service members and their families have access to numerous resources to save money and manage expenses. Learn more about ways to save and protect your family’s financial health with the following programs:

  • Check out, which houses information on the wide range of benefits available to active-duty military and veterans.
  • A go-to resource for all service members and families, it has information on interest rate reductions, tax benefits, educational and medical benefits, and many other benefits you’re entitled to.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act


  • MyPay is an automated system that puts you in control of processing certain discretionary pay data items without using paper forms.
  • You can also get your pay and tax statements, and travel advice of payment using myPay.
  • The DoD’s active-duty basic pay tables are also available online.


Identity theft and fraud

  • Federal law entitles you to a free credit report each year from each of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
  • If you’re a deploying service member and don’t plan to seek new credit while deployed, place an active-duty alert to reduce the risk of getting swindled.
  • Check out for more information on scams that target the military.
  • File a complaint on the Consumer Complaint Database at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if you have an unresolved issue with a company about a financial product or service.
  • Contact the Homeowner Preservation Foundation at 888-995-HOPE (4673) for help with avoiding foreclosure.

Defense Finance and Accounting Services

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service offers military members a three-tiered retirement plan that spans from paying an equal amount of Social Security taxes to assisting military members growing their finances through a long-term savings plan. Find out more about your options and other resources to save for your retirement.

Personal Financial Management Program

Military OneSource Financial Counseling

Military OneSource provides free financial counseling and financial management programs covering:

  • Basic budgeting education
  • Money management help
  • Debt consolidation and debt management
  • Assistance with housing issues
  • Guidance on savings, investing and retirement plans

Financial calculators

Military OneSource is your guide to useful financial calculators that can show you how to pay off debt and help you better manage life’s financial decisions.

  • Debt elimination calculator. Figure out different ways to eliminate your debt and which approach works best for you.
  • Credit card payoff calculator. Figure out how long it will take to pay off your credit card debt, which is considered “bad debt.” Tip: Focus on paying bad debt off first.
  • College savings calculator. Calculate the amount you need to save each month in order to pay for college.
  • Major purchase calculator. Need to buy an appliance or furniture soon? Planning a vacation? Calculate how much you’ll need to save and for how long.

Learn more about protecting your financial health. Schedule a free financial counseling session with Military OneSource by calling 800-342-9647. OCONUS/International? View calling options.

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