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Five courses outline the fundamentals of money management, motivating you to become financially savvy.

Developed by financial experts who understand the military, the courses help service members and their families understand consumer credit, create smart financial goals, set a realistic spending plan, make smart money moves, negotiate when buying a car and avoid debt during their next PCS.

Learn more about each of the Finance courses below.

Review more about the courses in the following descriptions and start taking them today.

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These courses support the finances area of your MilLife.

soldier stands by car
Are you interested in buying a new or used car? Use this course to learn the techniques of choosing and financing a vehicle that is right for you.
Length: 1 hour
man views credit report online
It’s more than just your money; it’s your financial reputation. Use this course to learn the advantages and disadvantages of credit, how to analyze credit reports, build healthy credit and find out ways to avoid identity theft.
Length: 45 minutes
budget plan
Are you setting money aside in your savings account each month? Use this course to help you create a spending plan for your financial success.
Length: 30 minutes
calculator and financial forms
Never invested? No need to worry. Invest with ease. Use this course to learn how best to use different options to save and invest your money, including the Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP.
Length: 45 minutes
man moves boxes
Moving, whether relocating or making your final move, can be a stressful part of military life. Use this course to help learn useful information to make your move easier on both yourself and your family.
Length: 45 minutes

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