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Courses to Increase Your Economic Security


We all strive to be financially healthy, but sometimes things happen that throw us off our game plan. And while it may sometimes feel as if you are the only one struggling to cover your financial commitments each month, know that you are not alone.

Many members of the military are facing some level of food insecurity, or housing shortages and ballooning rental rates that exceed their housing allowance. The five MilLife courses listed below can help you improve your financial security by:

  • Preparing you for the financial side of your MilLife with professional, financial and educational resources. Discover more about credit scores and what you can do to improve yours.
  • Supporting your career goals and job search as you PCS, and helping you achieve greater mental flexibility and reduce your stress.

Utilize Resources for Financial Stress and Financial Counseling — The Essentials and discover military tools, resources and support that will help you reach your financial goals and ease your stress.

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These courses support the mind, home, career and finance areas of your MilLife.

Financial success is about more than making ends meet each month. It’s about planning for your future while meeting your financial obligations. Take this course to learn how to create a spending plan that will help you achieve financial success.
Length: 45 minutes
Credit scores affect more than what you can purchase. They can also impact your career. Take this course to learn how to analyze credit reports, build healthy credit and prevent identity theft.
Length: 45 minutes
Moving can be a stressful part of MilLife. This course will help make your move easier on both yourself and your family. Learn what to expect, the costs (both obvious and hidden) and what the military provides to assist you.
Length: 45 minutes
Life in any family has its ups and downs, and the demands of change can be overwhelming. This course will help you enhance your mental flexibility so you can better adapt to life changes and live your best MilLife.
Length: 180 minutes
LinkedIn is a great tool for anyone looking to network, showcase their experience or search for new opportunities. If you’re looking to advance your career, this course can assist you in meeting your education and career goals.
Length: 20 minutes

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