Moving outside the continental United States can be exciting, and usually a bit of a challenge. But Military OneSource is available to help, 24/7 anywhere in the world. In addition to general moving support tools and services, there are several benefits and resources available to help you ease your OCONUS move so you can enjoy your overseas experience as much as possible.

Learn more about moving OCONUS and the following benefits and resources. If you have any questions, you can contact a Military OneSource moving expert by phone or live chat.

And if you have questions about new procedures and safety guidelines due to COVID-19, contact your installation Personnel Support Office.

Benefits and resources

In addition to support offered by your installation Relocation Assistance Program, here are some benefits and resources available when you are moving OCONUS:

  • Command sponsorship is the permission needed for your family to accompany you overseas. You should apply for command sponsorship as soon as you receive your PCS orders. If approved, you’ll receive an additional allowance, reimbursement for moving expenses and more weight in your moving shipment. Follow all instructions carefully when applying and keep strict records of your expenses once approved.
  • The military sponsorship program is different from command sponsorship. The sponsorship program helps service members and families settle into a new duty station. It is available to all service members and families no matter where you are moving to, and can be especially helpful if you are moving to a new country. Your unit will assign you a sponsor, typically a service member of similar rank and family status, to help you learn the ropes at your new location. Learn more about how sponsorship can help you settle into your new home.
  • Overseas Housing Allowance may be available to offset the cost of living off-base. It is based on rank and dependents and is available to unaccompanied service members only if government housing is unavailable. Contact your installation Housing Office for more details and help with applying for OHA.
  • Family Separation Allowance is paid when your family members can’t live with you at your permanent duty station – most commonly when transportation isn’t authorized, housing is unavailable, you’re aboard a ship, or your family can’t move because of a medical condition. This allowance is paid as a flat, monthly rate. Check with your installation Housing Office or the Defense Finance and Accounting Service for more FSA details.
  • Dislocation Allowance can help with miscellaneous moving costs. It is generally paid once per PCS. It is not paid of you are reassigned to government quarters or are unaccompanied. Learn more about DLA FAQs, or contact your installation Finance Office for more details.
  • Move-in Housing Allowance helps cover the cost of miscellaneous expenses like appliances, lease taxes, or one-time rental or security-related expenses. It varies by currency rate and location. Check with your installation Housing Office for more details about MIHA.
  • Family Supplemental Subsistence Allowance is a Defense Department program that supplements an eligible active service member’s household income if it’s below 130% of federal poverty guidelines (maximum payment is $1,100 per month). FSSA is only available for members with at least one dependent in their households who are serving overseas (not including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Guam). For more information about the FSSA program or any other assistance, members should contact their family support center, command or community services financial management counselors. The FSSA Application, DD Form 2857 is available on the WHS DOD Forms website.
  • Advances are available to cover the cost of moving. You can apply for an advance of basic pay to cover:
    • Basic allowance for housing
    • Overseas housing allowance
    • Moving-related expenses
    • Travel allowances (varies by service branch)

    Before taking an advance, be sure to do some research about repayment, and contact the experts at your Personal Financial Management Program office to help with budget planning. Financial counselors can also help with information about financial aid organizations and emergency assistance.

  • Confidential, Non-medical Counseling – Military OneSource offers free, confidential non-medical counseling to discuss adjustment difficulties or ways to manage relocation stress. You can connect with a counselor to schedule an appointment 24/7 over the phone, in person, via secure online live chat or via secure video sessions. You are eligible for up to 12 sessions.

One of the benefits of military life is the unique opportunity to experience different parts of the world – the chance to live in diverse cultures and environments. Let Military OneSource connect you with the benefits and resources that can help you master your PCS and enjoy your overseas experience.