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Air Force Aid Society

Benefit overview

The Air Force Aid Society is available to help airmen and guardians when they need it the most — through emergency assistance, education support and targeted community programs to help with child care, spouse employment education and more.

How this benefit helps

From the normal demands of military life to emergency circumstances, the Air Force Aid Society is available to help airmen, guardians and their families with financial and community support when they need it most.

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Emergency assistance.

Find financial assistance and help during unexpected emergencies — including no-interest loans and grants.

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Education support.

Learn more about education grants, loans and scholarships available to spouses and dependent children.

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Community support programs.

Military life can present changes, from deployments to PCSing. Find community programs to assist with your family needs — child care, car upkeep, spouse employment education and more.

How to access this benefit

For more information, visit the Air Force Aid Society website:

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