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Child Care Aware® Respite Care for Military Families

Benefit overview

Child Care Aware® of America partners with the U.S. military and the Defense Department to serve and support their families through the fee assistance and respite child care programs.

How this benefit helps

This benefit helps military families by providing access to child care at reduced rates, saving families money. Respite care services can provide caregivers a short-term break, improving family stability and reducing the risk of abuse or neglect.

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Get child care at a reduced cost through Child Care Aware®.

Child Care Aware® manages fee assistance to provide military families with financial assistance to cover the cost of child care.

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Let Child Care Aware® help give you a break with respite care.

The Respite Care Program managed by Child Care Aware® provides military parents and other care givers short-term child services for temporary relief.

How to access this benefit

From the Child Care Aware® of America website, select your branch of service for more information on eligible programs and assistance.

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