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Benefit overview

Use the Community Resource Finder to search thousands of services in your community and other states. The tool is available through Military OneSource’s Member Connect website, and all resources are vetted, military friendly and free or low cost.

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How this benefit helps

The Community Resource Finder lets you search more than a dozen categories and locate thousands of community services locally or across the country. Find services related to:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial
  • Food Resources
  • Funerals
  • Guard and reserve
  • Health and wellness
  • Military education and employment
  • Recreation services
  • Service contacts
  • Spouse and family
  • Travel and moving
  • Veterans
  • Websites and tools
  • Wounded warrior

How to access this benefit

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You will need a free Military OneSource account to access the tool. Once you are logged in to Military OneSource, access the Community Resource Finder on the Member Connect website.

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