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DOD MWR Summer Reading Program

Benefit overview

DOD MWR Summer Reading Program, in partnership with iREAD Summer Reading, is a flexible, nonprofit reading program designed by librarians featuring appealing incentives, compelling and adaptable themes, and a comprehensive resource guide chock full of ideas, handouts and activities that can be used. The mission of DOD MWR Libraries is to provide resources and experiences to bridge the summer education gap, while inspiring life-long learning.

How this benefit helps

This benefit helps military children by incentivizing reading over the summer months.

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Foster life-long learning.

National research has shown that students who participate in library summer reading programs scored higher on reading achievement tests at the beginning of the next school year than those who did not participate. DOD MWR Libraries provides resources and experiences to bridge this summer gap, while inspiring life-long learning.

How to access this benefit

Parents can visit the iRead Summer Reading Program to view themed materials, browse or search for incentives, access the online store, connect with iRead on social media and learn more about the program.

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