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Homeless Veterans Community Employment Services

Benefit overview

The Department of Veterans Affairs created Homeless Veterans Community Employment Services. HVCES improves employment outcomes for veterans who have experienced homelessness. HVCES has more than 150 vocational development specialists who serve as community employment coordinators. They are assigned to VA medical centers around the country.

Community employment coordinators increase a veteran’s chances of employment success. They connect veterans to job-related resources and career options. They also offer a range of supports from the VA and the community. These include health care, housing and social services. Specialists work with VA and non-VA partners to identify gaps in services for homeless veterans.

How this benefit helps

Permanent, stable housing is one key to ending veteran homelessness. However, housing alone is not  enough. HVCES helps homeless veterans by:

  • Improving quality of life and community integration after homelessness
  • Increasing self-confidence and independence
  • Decreasing reliance on institutional care

How to access this benefit

To receive more information on the benefit, connect with the nearest Community Employment Coordinator.

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