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Military Caregiver PEER Forums

Benefit overview

Military Caregiver PEER Forums provide opportunities for non-medical counseling for military caregivers and discussion on important topics including managing stress, nutrition, financial wellness and employment challenges and concerns.

Virtual PEER Forums

For those who are unable to attend a Military Caregiver PEER Forum in person, Warrior Care hosts regularly occurring virtual teleconference forums for military caregivers. Join other military caregivers and gain emotional support by connecting with others who share similar experiences; learn skills to embrace and overcome daily challenges, and share stories and resources based on your personal experiences.

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How this benefit helps

Military Caregiver PEER Forums provide the opportunity for caregivers to meet with military family life counselors and discuss concerns and strategies for resiliency for caregivers and families.

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Financial, nutritional and overall wellness support for caregivers

Military Caregiver PEER Forums help reduce stress, provide emotional support and offer valuable resources and information to military caregivers.

How to access this benefit

Military caregivers can access regional support and find local forums.

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