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Marine Corps Voluntary Education Program

Benefit overview

The Voluntary Education program offers learning opportunities to the Marine Corps community. Qualified counselors and advisors work with education services providers to provide services. These  include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Workshops
  • Training opportunities including testing for college credit and pre-admission

Marines can learn about tuition funding sources. They can advance their degree plans and academic achievement by choosing the right courses and institutions.

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How this benefit helps

This benefit helps service members by helping them:

  • Achieve their professional and personal self-development goals.
  • Save money while pursuing their degrees.
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Use tuition assistance to meet your educational and career goals

Continuing your education degree can help you achieve your career goals, both inside and outside the military.

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Use tuition assistance to save money while continuing your education

Military tuition assistance can save you thousands of dollars per year. Let the military help pay for your college!

How to access this benefit

More information on the benefits available through Marine Corps Voluntary Education can be found at the Installation Education Service Office.

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