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Benefit overview

Navy Wounded Warrior helps sailors and Coast Guardsmen with serious, non-combat or combat-related injuries and physical or psychological illnesses. The program offers individualized and proactive guidance on non-medical care, including pay and benefits, caregiver resources, respite care, job training, adaptive reconditioning and more.

How this benefit helps

The Navy Wounded Warrior program provides individually tailored assistance designed to optimize the success of wounded warrior recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration activities.

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Navy Wounded Warrior provides a wide range of support services to wounded warriors recovering from serious illness or injury. Enrolled wounded warriors are assigned a regional non-medical care management team that helps develop a Comprehensive Recovery Plan, complete with short- and long-term recovery goals and the strategies to achieve them.

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Transition from Military to Civilian Life

Navy Wounded Warrior enrollees and their families transitioning out of active service often face additional challenges because of their illnesses or injuries. The program offers a host of services to help ease reintegration into civilian life and ensure transitioning service members and their families have the tools to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

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Family Support

Navy Wounded Warrior provides enrollee families, which includes significant others and friends, with a variety of support services to help make their roles as caregivers more manageable, alleviate the stress that accompanies a major life change and support them in the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of their service member.

How to access this benefit

Find out how to voluntarily enroll in the Navy Wounded Warrior program.

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