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Overseas Housing Allowance

Benefit overview

The Overseas Housing Allowance is a cost-reimbursement allowance for service members who lease privately owned housing in overseas locations. OHA includes three separate components: rent, utilities/recurring maintenance and a Move-in Housing Allowance. OHA is paid in U.S. dollars but rent, utilities and move-in payments are typically paid in foreign currency.

How this benefit helps

OHA helps service members in overseas locations by offsetting housing costs.

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OHA can help cover some of the costs of overseas housing

If you need to secure privately owned housing in an overseas location, you may qualify for OHA to help with the costs.

How to access this benefit

You must apply for OHA by completing DD Form 2367, the Individual Overseas Housing Allowance Report, and return the form to the appropriate official with a copy of your lease for approval.

If you qualify for MIHA/Rent, MIHA/Security or MIHA/Infectious Disease you also must complete and submit DD Form 2556, the MIHA Claim Form.

For more information on the OHA survey schedule, OHA Unique Expenses and the responsibilities of the country allowance coordinator, check out the DOD Overseas Station and Housing Allowance Process Guide.

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