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Passenger and Pet Transportation for PCS Moves

Benefit overview

Service members and families with orders for a PCS move to or from overseas, or OCONUS, locations typically travel on Defense Department charter aircraft referred to as the Patriot Express. These flights depart from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Naval Station Norfolk and various Air Mobility Command, or AMC, Passenger Terminals around the globe. When a location is not serviced by the Patriot Express, passengers will travel on commercial airlines.

How this benefit helps

Making sure you and your family (and your pets) arrive safely at the next installation is a top priority in planning your move. Find out what you need to make travel reservations, and ensure a smooth move for all your family members.

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Ensures a smoother move

Understanding the ins and outs of passenger and pet travel can help you make reservations and ensure a smooth move for all your family members.

Passenger transportation

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Local transportation office

Contact your local transportation office to make your Patriot Express travel reservations as well as any required connecting commercial airline reservations. Orders are not required to request passenger reservations for Patriot Express and may be made 90-120 days prior to your departure. Before you leave your duty location, the transportation office will provide you with a detailed travel sheet containing information on departure and check-in times, AMC Passenger Terminal and ticket counter locations, and baggage allowances.

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AMC Travel page

The AMC Travel page has a wide variety of information on the AMC Gateways at Baltimore-Washington and Seattle-Tacoma International Airports, Naval Station Norfolk, and other AMC Passenger Terminals around the globe. The website contains helpful information on AMC Passenger Terminal phone numbers, email and website information, available transportation services, local lodging, terminal amenities and more.

Pet transportation on Patriot Express

Pet travel on Patriot Express — reservations

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Local transportation office

Patriot Express pet reservations are made by your local transportation office when you request your passenger reservations.

  • Pet spaces on Patriot Express are limited, booked on a first-come, first-served basis and should be requested as early as possible.
  • Pet spaces are available for booking 90-120 days prior to departure.

Pet travel on Patriot Express — restrictions

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AMC Pet Travel page

The AMC Pet Travel page has detailed information on traveling with your pet on Patriot Express including pet fees, check-in procedures, kennel and documentation requirements, and more.

  • Families are limited to two pets; the combined weight of the kennel and pet cannot exceed 150 pounds each.
  • Pet owners are responsible for all costs associated with pet travel to include pet fees for Patriot Express and any connecting commercial airline fees as well as documentation requirements.

Pet transportation on commercial airlines

Pet travel on commercial airlines — reservations

  • Pet owners are responsible for making all transportation arrangements for connecting commercial flights.

Pet travel on commercial airlines — restrictions:

  • Commercial airlines limit transportation to a combined weight of 100 pounds and also have restrictions on snub-nosed animal breeds and summer travel. Contact your airline directly to ensure you understand their travel guidelines.

More pet travel resources

Image of Pets

Moving With Pets

Read this article for general tips on traveling with pets, including health and safety information and links to OCONUS resources.

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APHIS Pet Travel

Visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website for detailed information on taking animals from the U.S. to a foreign country, bringing animals from a foreign county to the U.S., and traveling with your pet from state to state.

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