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Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

Benefit overview

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance offers low-cost term coverage to eligible service members. Service members who meet certain criteria are automatically enrolled in SGLI. After enrolled, you can change the level of coverage or even refuse coverage completely. You can also choose your beneficiaries and change them as needed.

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How this benefit helps

This benefit provides a maximum of $400,000 of coverage — in $50,000 increments — for a service member.

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SGLI can help cover costs for the death of a service member

Deaths in the family can be expensive. And when you’re going through that kind of grief, the last thing you want to worry about is the financial aspect. With SGLI, you can focus on your family.

How to access this benefit

Service members who meet certain criteria are automatically enrolled in SGLI. Changes to coverage levels or beneficiaries must be completed through the SGLI Online Enrollment System. You can access SOES though milConnect.

If you have questions about SGLI, you can call the Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance at 800-419-1473, or email the Prudential Insurance Company at

To request an advance insurance payment for a service member who’s terminally ill, a family member needs to file a SGVL 8284, “Claim for Accelerated Benefits.”

To receive an insurance payment after a service member has died, a family member would file a SGVL 8283, “Claim for Death Benefits.”

To help a service member get short-term financial support while recovering from a traumatic injury, a family member would work with the service member to file a SGLV 8600, “Application for TSGLI Benefits.”

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