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Benefit overview

The Social Security retirement benefit is a monthly payment for individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. You may be eligible for Social Security retirement if you are 62 or older and worked and paid Social Security taxes for 10 years or more. In some cases, you can be eligible to receive Social Security retirement because of your spouse or former spouse’s work. Additionally, children may be eligible for a monthly benefit because of a parent’s work if they are younger than age 18, age 18 or 19 and attend elementary or high school full time, or are any age and have a disability.

How this benefit helps

This benefit helps veterans by replacing part of their income when they reduce their hours or stop working altogether.

Image of Savings Piggy Bank

Social Security retirement benefits can add to your family’s income.

The Social Security retirement benefit may be paid to individuals other than the one who earned the benefit (like spouses and children).

How to access this benefit

You can check you eligible for a number of Social Security benefits through the Social Security Administration’s website. If you are eligible, the SSA website provides information on how to apply for those benefits.

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