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TRICARE Health Care Program

Benefit overview

TRICARE is the health care program for service members, retirees and their families worldwide. TRICARE provides comprehensive coverage, health plans, special programs, prescriptions and dental plans. Not all plans are available in all locations

How this benefit helps

TRICARE helps service members and families by providing health care coverage.

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TRICARE covers health care

TRICARE brings together the health care resources of the Military Health System — such as military hospitals and clinics — with a network of civilian health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers.

How to access this benefit

TRICARE offers different health care plans for different situations. There are plans for active-duty service members, their families, reservists, retirees, and more. To receive benefits through TRICARE, you must enroll in the plan that matches your situation. You can enroll online through the milConnect website. Call your regional TRICARE contractor with questions or if you have special circumstances.

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