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Veterans Affairs Health Care

Benefit overview

With Veterans Affairs health care, you’re covered for regular checkups with your primary care provider and appointments with specialists, like cardiologists, gynecologists and mental health providers. You can access veterans health care services, such as home health and geriatric (elder) care, and you can get medical equipment, prosthetics and prescriptions.

How this benefit helps

Each veteran’s medical benefits package is unique. Generally, VA health benefits include care and services to help:

  • Treat illnesses and injuries
  • Prevent future health problems
  • Improve your ability to function
  • Enhance your quality of life
Image of Health Cross

VA health care benefits provide the coverage to get and stay healthy.

For eligible veterans and their families, VA health care benefits provide medical coverage similar to medical insurance coverage received through an employer.

How to access this benefit

First, determine if you are eligible for VA health care benefits using the VA’s website. Then, you will need to gather some information and complete a VA Form 10-10EZ, “Application for Health Benefits.” Once you are ready to apply, you can do so in any of four ways: online, by phone, by mail, or in person at a VA location. The VA also provides trained professionals called “accredited representatives” to help you in applying for health care benefits.

  1. Eligibility for VA health care
  2. Apply online for VA health care benefits
  3. Get help form an accredited representative

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