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Survivor Casualty Assistance Form Offers Personalized, Timely Support

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The Survivor Family Member Inquiry Form available on the Military OneSource website gives surviving family members of active-duty deaths an opportunity to submit an inquiry if they are not sure where to go for answers.

Form Connects Survivors to Helping Hands

Submit your questions or concerns through this Survivor Family Member Inquiry Form.

Every survivor has unique circumstances, concerns and challenges. By filling out this form, you’ll provide Department of Defense representatives with the information for them to answer important questions and connect your family with the appropriate resources.

You can expect a Casualty Assistance program manager to reach out to you within five days to confirm receipt of your information.

Military OneSource also provides direct access to information for the survivors of service members who died while on active duty. Survivors of veterans should go through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for assistance.

Form Clarifies Next Steps for Survivors

By completing the Survivor Family Member Inquiry Form, assistance is right around the corner. This form:

  • Includes 10 brief questions and a comment field for you to fill out and note your questions or concerns. The information you provide will enable you to receive a detailed response.
  • Assures you that a DOD Casualty Assistance program manager will contact you within five business days to confirm that your information was received.
  • Ensures that the information you provide will remain private. However, the use of personal emails is necessary as a means for managers to respond to requests, suggestions or concerns.

If for some reason a DOD Casualty Assistance program manager cannot answer your questions, they will direct you to a resource that can help you get the information you need.

Survivor Casualty Assistance Form Summary

The Survivor Family Member Inquiry Form is another tool for you to ask your individual questions or concerns.

Once DOD personnel receive your form, they will provide you with a response to your inquiry or answers to information you requested.

Survivors do not lose their connection to the military when their service member dies. The DOD is there to help you.

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