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Executive Summary of Written Public Submissions

  • 1 — ABA Providers unwilling to Join TRICARE Network of Providers due to 35% reduction in billable rates
  • 1 Lack of Nursing Care Options through TRICARE for severely disabled military children
  • 1 — Horses Healing Maryland’s Military — Coalition of licensed stables which provide equine services and riding therapy for service members and families
  • 1 Home Base: Summer Camp and Youth Development for children living on military bases
  • 1 — Building Healthy Military Communities Pilot
  • 2 — Recommendations for Additional Military Family Readiness Council Briefings:
    • Military medical partnerships that expand support for family well-being, including support for families with autistic children
    • School behavioral health and special education partnerships
    • Community Best Practices from Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • 4 — Yellow Ribbon Programs
    • 1 — Minnesota’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program (White Paper)
    • 1 — Minnesota’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program YouTube Briefing:
    • 1 — Yellow Ribbon Recognition Program
    • 1 — Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Programs, TeleMental Health Pilot, Community Capacity Building, and Communities of Practice — Community Collaboratives at the State Level
  • 1 — Recommendation that one General Schedule position be established in each state to build community partnerships and expand needed state level collaboratives
  • 2 — Transitional Assistance Programs and Policies (White Paper) — are causing multiple problems for Air National Guardsmen. A review and changes are needed to understand and address the unique needs of the Air National Guard.

TOTAL Submissions: 14

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