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Defense Department MWR Policy

These resources cover DOD directives, instructions and guidance for morale, welfare and recreation programs. They include policies on MWR programs, fitness and sports, Armed Forces Entertainment, and management of nonappropriated fund instrumentalities.

DOD Instructions 1015.10 and 1015.15 primarily govern MWR policy. These instructions establish policies and procedures and assign responsibilities for operating MWR programs and services, and nonappropriated fund instrumentalities.

In addition to these overarching policies, program-specific department regulations further define and establish policies governing individual MWR programs and services.

DODI 1015.10: This instruction establishes and implements policy, assigns responsibilities and prescribes procedures for operating and managing MWR programs. MWR remote and isolated status evaluation: Installations use this spreadsheet when applying for remote and isolated status as required by DODI 1015.10.

DODI 1015.15: This instruction prescribes procedures for the establishment, financial management and control of NAFIs.

DODI 1015.08: This instruction prescribes policy and assigns responsibilities for the operation of civilian employee MWR activities and supporting NAFI.

Armed Forces Sports policy

DODI 1330.04: This instruction prescribes department policy concerning the participation of personnel in armed forces, national and international sports competitions. It establishes a senior military sports adviser, Armed Forces Sports Committee, committee’s secretariat and committee’s working group. It assigns management oversight responsibility for the organization and administration of armed forces, national and international sports activities to ensure that the United States is represented appropriately in national and international sports competitions.

Armed Forces Entertainment program policy

DODI 1330.13: This instruction provides procedures and responsibilities for providing an effective program of live, professional entertainment for armed forces personnel and their family members stationed overseas.

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