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MWR Programs for the Marines

Marine Corps Community Services — This program provides a wide range of services to help Marines and their family members enhance their quality of life. They include counseling, information and referral. Marine Corps Community Services resulted from a merger between Marine Corps recreational programs, Marine Corps services, Marine Corps Exchange and military personnel services. Marine Corps Community Services provides eligible patrons with the entire spectrum of quality of life programs and services.

Marine Corps General Library Program — This program gathers, organizes, preserves and makes readily available unbiased collections of library materials and library services to all eligible personnel.

Marine Corps Outdoor Recreation — This program provides camping, recreational vehicles and cabins, paintball, recreational shooting (skeet and trap shooting) and skate parks for eligible personnel.

Marine Corps Outdoor Recreation and Equipment Checkout — This program allows eligible patrons to rent a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation equipment on a daily or weekly basis.

Marine Corps Recreation Centers — These recreation centers provide eligible patrons with a wide variety of individual and group activities and serve as the meeting place for various clubs and/or community events.

Marine Corps Aquatics — Marine Corps Aquatics offers access to pools, beaches, marinas and waterfronts where patrons can swim, relax, take lessons in and enjoy scuba diving, and rent watercraft at marinas.

Marine Corps Horseback Riding and Stables — The Marine Corps offers private horse boarding and provides government-owned or leased horses for rent at some installations. Each stable provides for recreational horseback riding and riding instruction.

Marine Corps Theaters — Marine Corps Theaters provide eligible patrons with low-cost admission to installation theaters showing movies in current or recent release.

Marine Corps Arts and Crafts Skill Development Program — This program offers a wide variety of craft activities, including framing, engraving, ceramics, woodworking, pottery making, and photography through instructional courses and the supervised use of equipment.

Marine Corps Automotive Skills Program — This program provides facilities and equipment (lifts, bays and specialized equipment) for eligible patrons and instructs and assists them in the basic maintenance of their vehicles.

Marine Corps Information, Tickets and Travel — Marine Corps Information, Tickets and Travel offers customer-driven travel venues and services and entertainment activities.

Marine Corps Recreational Lodging — Marine Corps Recreational Lodging consists of cabins, chalets, trailers, cabanas, beach houses and cottages. The program offers Marines and other authorized patrons the opportunity to relax and enjoy vacations at premier locations while enjoying significant savings.

Single Marine Program — This program provides single Marines with the opportunity to participate in group recreational activities and to voice their concerns to senior leadership.

Marine Corps Golf — The Marine Corps operates and maintains golf courses around the world, ranging from nine to 36 holes. Most courses include driving ranges, fully stocked pro shops, locker rooms and snack bars. In addition to open play and installation-organized tournaments, Marine Corps courses offer individual and group instruction.

Marine Corps Bowling — Marine Corps bowling centers offer year-round competitive leagues, recreational open play, tournaments, promotions and bowling pro shops to eligible personnel.

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