These resources include the most commonly referenced Defense Department directives, instructions and guidance on relocation and housing services.

DOD Instruction 1342.22, “Military Family Readiness,” August 5, 2021 — This instruction establishes policy, assigns responsibilities and prescribes procedures and requirements for supporting military family readiness, or MFR, through a system that maximizes access to a network of programs and services, the Military Family Readiness System.

DOD Instruction 1315.18, “Procedures for Military Personnel Assignments,” October 28, 2015 — This instruction outlines the policies and procedures for permanent change of station moves.

DOD Instruction 1100.16, “Equal Opportunity in Off-Base Housing,” August 14, 1989 — This instruction provides policy governing equal treatment for all DOD personnel. Specifically, it provides guidance for off-base housing and enforcement of fair housing practices as required by federal law.

DOD Instruction 4165.63, “DOD Housing,” July 21, 2008 — This instruction provides policy and assigns responsibilities for the management of DOD housing.

DOD 4165.63-Manual, “DOD Housing Management,” October 28, 2010 — This manual contains guidance, procedures and responsibilities on matters associated with family housing, unaccompanied personnel housing and temporary lodging facilities.