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Relocation Assistance Legislation

Military programs are governed by federal law, Defense Department policy and additional policies specific to the branches of service. Below are excerpts from federal laws that govern relocation assistance in the military.

Title 10 United States Code (USC) §1056, “Relocation Assistance Programs,” January 15, 2013 — This law requires the secretary of defense to establish relocation assistance programs within the service branches and defense agencies. It requires the secretary of defense to establish a director of relocation assistance programs and to issue regulations to govern and guide the implementation of those programs within the family support functions of each service. The law requires implementation of an integrated, automated information system to provide data on military communities worldwide.

The relocation assistance provided shall include:

  • Destination area information and preparation (to be provided before the change of permanent station takes effect), with emphasis on information with regard to moving costs, housing costs and availability, child care, spouse employment opportunities, cultural adaptation, and community orientation.
  • Counseling about financial management, home buying and selling, renting, stress management aimed at intervention and prevention of abuse, property management, and shipment and storage of household goods (including motor vehicles and pets).
  • Settling-in services, with emphasis on available government living quarters, private housing, child care, spouse employment assistance information, cultural adaptation, and community orientation.
  • Home finding services, with emphasis on services for locating adequate, affordable temporary and permanent housing.

Title 10 USC §1785, “Youth Sponsorship Programs,” May 4, 2022 — This law establishes authority for the Youth Sponsorship Program for military children, designed to assist them in integrating into their new communities when they move as a result of permanent change of station. Programs should focus particularly on preteen and teen populations.

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