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Top 10 Questions About Military OneSource Specialty Consultations

Life can throw you a curveball sometimes, whether it’s taking care of your wounded warrior, finding a caring assisted living community for your mom or getting your fitness training back on track. Specialty consultations give you the chance to talk with a trained professional to help solve your problem.

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Here are the top 10 questions you may have about Military OneSource specialty consultations:

  1. What is a specialty consultation? It’s a session where you can talk with a specialist online or over the phone.
  2. What can I talk about during my consultation? You can discuss wounded warriors, special needs, adult and elder care, peer-to-peer, education, adoption, and health and wellness.
  3. How can I set up a consultation? Call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 to schedule an appointment.
  4. As a spouse, how can a specialty consultation help me with moving or transitioning? Spouse relocation and transition specialty consultants can help create an individualized action plan and identify resources that may include information on housing, child care, education, employment, health and wellness coaching, non-medical counseling services and more. The consultation allows the spouse to have an ongoing relationship with a specific consultant, with regular touch-bases and follow-ups scheduled.
  5. How can Military OneSource help me if I’m a wounded warrior or caring for a wounded warrior? Wounded warriors or the family of a wounded warrior can get immediate help with issues related to health care, facilities or benefits. Specialty consultants work with the services’ wounded warrior programs and the Department of Veterans Affairs to make sure you get what you need quickly.
  6. What kind of help can I get for special needs and adult and elder care? A specially-trained consultant will assess your family’s needs and answer your questions about education, finances, support groups, effects on other family members and more. Whether you’re concerned about the special education cycle or finding adult day care for an older loved one, Military OneSource consultants can help.
  7. What can I expect from a peer-to-peer specialty consultation? Peer consultants can connect with you on a personal level through their shared experience as a service member or military spouse. You can have a relaxed conversation about the challenges of military life, such as deployments or frequent relocation.
  8. What help can I get with education? Education consultants can help with college admissions, financial aid applications, tutoring and more. Spouse Education and Career Opportunities also provides high-quality education and career services, resources, guidance and consultations for military spouses.
  9. How can a specialty consultation help me with adoption? Adoption consultants are trained and experienced in handling adoption-related issues and can help you resolve all your questions and concerns about the adoption process.
  10. How can a specialty consultation help me with health and wellness? Military OneSource’s free health and wellness coaching can help you improve your health and overall well-being. You can work with a coach to focus on weight management, fitness and nutrition, stress management, life transitions and more.
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