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Military programs are governed by federal law, Defense Department policy and additional policies specific to the branches of service. The service-specific policies below govern the Transition Assistance Program in the military.


Army Regulation 215-3, “Nonappropriated Funds Personnel Policy,” 29 August 2003 This regulation provides uniform policies governing personnel management and administration for nonappropriated fund instrumentalities’, or NAFIs, employees of the Department of the Army. Paragraph 2-9 specifically addresses the rules and restrictions associated with priority considerations for veterans. Paragraph 2-12 specifically addresses the hiring of involuntarily separated service members.

AR 600-8-7, “Retirement Services Program,” January 18, 2017 This regulation prescribes policies governing military personnel retirement. Paragraph 3-1b(14) of this regulation requires that an Army Career and Alumni Program presentation be included as part of preretirement briefing.

Marine Corps

Marine Corps Order P1700.24B, “Marine Corps Personal Services Manual,” December 9, 2003 This order publishes policies for Marine and Family Services. Chapter 4, Section 1, and Section 3 for the Family Member Employment Assistance Program, specifically address transition assistance for separating service members.

MCO P12000.11A, “Marine Corps Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Policy Manual,” December 27, 2011 This order provides detailed personnel administrative procedures and provides the primary reference for the overall administration and utilization of employees of Marine Corps NAFIs. Paragraph 2107 of the order specifically addresses employment preference for separating service members for employment in Marine Corps NAFIs.


Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction 1754.1B,” Fleet and Family Support Center Program,” 5 November 2007 This instruction provides policy and assigns responsibilities for the implementation of the Fleet and Family Support Center Program. Paragraph 3.a in the List of Core Programs and Services specifically addresses the Transition Assistance Management Program.

OPNAVINST 1900.2C, “Transition Assistance Management Program,” 24 August 16 This instruction implements provisions and issues policy and guidance for the establishment and execution of the Navy TAMP. Specific service provider responsibilities are included in section 6.i.

Air Force

Air Force Manual 34-301, “Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Program Management and Administrative Procedures,” July 1, 2019 This manual contains specific guidance and technical procedures for managing and administering employees of NAFIs for the efficient and effective management and administration of the Air Force NAF Personnel Program. Paragraph 3.3 specifically addresses NAFI employment policies, requirements and restrictions as they relate to veterans. Paragraph 3.7 specifically addresses employment of retired military personnel.

AFMAN 36-203, “Staffing Civilian Positions,” July 30, 2019 Chapter 6 of this Manual provides Air Force policy and procedures for employing retired military members in appropriated fund positions. Incorporating Change 1, 31 Oct 2021.

Coast Guard

COMDTINST 1900.2B, “Transition Assistance Program,” Nov. 3, 2021 This instruction provides policy and procedures for TAP in the Coast Guard, including employment assistance for separating personnel.

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