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Military OneSource Launches New Specialty Consultation for Transitioning Veterans

Military OneSource launched the new Transitioning Veterans specialty consultation, designed specifically for service members navigating their military-to-civilian transition.

To alleviate stress and support successful transitions, the consultation is designed to help meet the needs of service members during the time of transition. Our consultants will assist participants in identifying goals, preparing for the civilian workforce, exploring education opportunities, and navigating benefits and resources from the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

With individualized support from a trained consultant, the Transitioning Veterans specialty consultation is a complement to the Transition Assistance Program. Consultants help guide participants through the transitioning process, answering questions and connecting them to key resources and information.

“Whether a service member is separating after a single term or service, or retiring after 20 or more years, transitioning from the military can be as overwhelming as it is exciting for service members,” said Lee Kelley, director of Military Community Support Programs within military community and family policy. “Military OneSource is pleased to provide service members with personalized support during this pivotal chapter in their lives through Transitioning Veterans.”

Service members can participate in a series of 45-minute sessions with a professionally trained consultant via phone or video. The consultation is available for active duty, Guard and reserve within 365 days before or after separation or retirement. Learn more about the Transitioning Veterans specialty consultation here.

Military OneSource is a Department of Defense program that provides information and comprehensive non-medical counseling support to service members and their families on every aspect of military life including deployment, finances, reunion, relationships, grief, spouse employment and education, disaster preparedness, parenting and childcare. Specialty consultations are also offered on a wide range of issues. Access Military OneSource online or by phone at 800-342-9647.

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