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MilKids Are Priority One

The military community is committed to strong – and safe – families. Learn where to find support and resources when you need help or have concerns.


Every child deserves to feel safe. If you’re worried about the well-being of a military child, or suspect child abuse or neglect, you can turn to the Family Advocacy Program. You can also promote healthy family dynamics and positive parenting by sharing resources for MilParent Power.

Spotting a situation where someone needs help

Know the signs that a child could be in danger of child abuse or neglect so you’ll know when it’s time to act.

Contact your local Family Advocacy Program office to report concerns. They’ll assess the situation, then take the appropriate steps to secure the child’s safety and enlist support to help the family.

Learn more about what child abuse and neglect is and the signs that a child could be at risk, as well as where to get support.

Review resources for child safety

It can be challenging to talk to children about abuse or to recognize the signs that abuse is occurring behind closed doors or in isolated circumstances. Read these articles to understand more about how child abuse happens and what you can do to support a kid who may need your help.

Connect with experts

Military OneSource consultants are trained to address your questions about child abuse and neglect. They can also connect you directly to your local FAP office. Reach out 24/7 to schedule a consultation or find your nearest FAP office for in-person or virtual support.

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