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United Against Domestic Abuse


You have the right to feel safe.

Everybody deserves a life free from fear, control or harm; yet domestic abuse can happen to anyone. If your partner’s actions make you feel uncomfortable or hurt, help is available.

The Family Advocacy Program supports victims, service members and military families impacted by domestic abuse. Family Advocacy Program staff can help at any stage of a relationship. Victims decide how much of their story to share and the level of support they want, and the Family Advocacy Program will tailor tools and resources to assist.

Find Local Support

No matter what your situation is, help is available. Find a local domestic abuse victim advocate to help you document your abuse, create a safety plan and connect you with a network of support.

Find a domestic abuse victim advocate. »

Learn about options for support, which include:

  • Safety planning
  • Restricted/confidential reporting option: preserves victim's privacy and limits who is involved (with certain limitations)
  • Unrestricted reporting option: allows victims to ensure command and law enforcement are informed and involved
  • Emergency services (if needed)
  • Counseling and emotional support
  • Housing and shelter
  • Financial and legal services
  • Military or civilian protection order (can also protect pets), if needed
How we can help

Find the right help:

You talk, we listen. Call any of the following free and trusted resources 24/7 to learn about your reporting options, connect with a victim advocate or create a safety plan. In immediate danger? Call military law enforcement or dial 911.

Contact a domestic abuse victim advocate.

Receive judgment-free support from a professional near you.

Call the hotline.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline will provide information, resources and support.

Chat with an advocate.

Visit to chat with a highly trained advocate for confidential and compassionate support.
Don’t wait for a crisis to reach out.

Help a friend or loved one.

When someone you know is in an abusive relationship, you may not know how to help. Learn how you can support a friend or loved one you think is experiencing domestic abuse:

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Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet usage might be monitored, visit the 24/7 Family Advocacy Program Victim Advocate Locator or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800−799−7233.