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DOD MWR Libraries Summer Reading Program

Children reading outside

Reading jump-starts the imagination. It can open doors to new places and points of view. Gaining access to reading programs for children, teens and adults has never been easier.

During the summer months, the Department of Defense MWR Libraries Summer Reading Program encourages all readers to explore new ideas and discover new information. This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is Read, Renew, Repeat.

Enroll in this year’s program below and take some time to de-stress and find joy in reading. Explore a book for your own pleasure or to fill some downtime in between activities. Enjoy your pages at home or outside at the park. Join a book club and meet new people. Set time as a family to read and discover together.

Summertime Is Reading Time

Don’t miss the 2024 DOD MWR Libraries Summer Reading Program. Visit your installation library to sign up or join virtually.

Why the summer reading program?

MWR develops many different enrichment programs to support force readiness and the military community. The mission of the DOD MWR Libraries Summer Reading Program is to help families bridge the summer learning gap while inspiring literacy and lifelong learning for all ages. The benefits of summer reading are clear:

  • Students who participate in the library summer reading programs score higher on reading achievement tests.
  • Students who read often are higher achievers than students who seldom read.
  • Skillful reading is one of the most important habits that leads to a successful academic career and a happy, productive life.

The 2024 DOD MWR Libraries Summer Reading Program is available for online registration and virtual participation, as well as in-person at participating locations.

Adults and children can join in and record summer reading minutes from home. Remember to log those hours so you can receive incentives and prizes such as gift cards from the weekly drawings. Read books from your home bookshelf or an e-book or audiobook you check out for free from

Get more out of your summer

This summer, try reading books that may be outside your regular choice to expand your horizons and guide you to:

  • Be creative. Reading is an adventure of the imagination. It can also help you unplug and unwind from your daily stressors.
  • Try new things. Read a new-to-you genre, such as science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, biography, thriller or mystery. Learn a new skill, hobby, language or craft.
  • Explore art. When you open a book, you can be anywhere you want — no passport needed. View artists’ work from across the globe without leaving your room.
  • Find beauty in diversity. Read a memoir or biography to step into another person’s shoes and gain a new perspective on life or learn about a different culture or religion.

Enroll — it’s free and easy

To get started, find your installation library and register as an individual or as a family. Keep in mind that the program time frames vary from library to library, so sign up as soon as possible to get the most out of the program. You can also contact your local installation library to learn more.

Your books are free and portable year-round

Make reading a year-long habit. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the adventures have to end.

DOD MWR Libraries offer much more than aisles of books. Service members and families have access to e-books, audiobooks, magazines, music, movies and more.

Dive into a genre that interests you — or try them all. Looking for ways to unwind? Use and pick out an audiobook. The digital library service is a great resource for military families without access to an installation library.

Access to is also available through your military service:

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