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Information on the Integrated Lodging Program

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The next time you’re on official government travel, book your lodging directly in the Defense Travel System. The Department of Defense launched the Integrated Lodging Program Pilot on June 15, 2015. It provides quality and trusted government and commercial lodging, with greater safety and security and better services at reduced rates.

Here’s what you need to know about the Integrated Lodging Program

  • The Defense Travel System displays lodging options in a tabular format that guides travelers to directed lodging first.
  • The Joint Travel Regulations require travelers on temporary duty assignment to select pilot sites to stay in government or preferred commercial lodging facilities and use the Defense Travel System to book their stay.
  • When a service member is on temporary duty to a military installation at select pilot sites, travelers will be directed to government lodging first. If not available, travelers are directed to use preferred commercial lodging before booking other accommodations.
  • When traveling to non-pilot temporary duty locations, service members must use government lodging when directed by their authorizing official.
  • Service members and civilians on travel duty of 30 days or less to select Department of Defense locations will book lodging in the Defense Travel System. Seek government lodging first when duty travel takes you to military installations. If government lodging is not available or traveling to a pilot-site metro area, search for preferred commercial lodging. If these options are available and you opt to stay elsewhere, reimbursement will be limited to the cost of government lodging, if available, or preferred commercial lodging.
  • Booking through the Defense Travel System gives you a single point of access for official travel reservations at multiple facilities. Your lodging information will integrate directly into your travel documents.
  • You can book safe, secure, non-recreational government lodging, such as Air Force Inns, Army Lodging, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites and Navy Lodge, directly in the Defense Travel System while making your other travel arrangements.
  • When government lodging is not available, you can secure your non-availability confirmation number through the Defense Travel System.
  • If a service member is on temporary duty to a military installation and is directed to use government quarters by the authorizing official, the service member must secure a non-availability confirmation number before booking other accommodations. If the Defense Travel System does not provide one, the service member must call the lodging facility directly. Civilians are not required to use government lodging but are encouraged.
  • The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 paved the way for the Integrated Lodging Program. The act authorizes the secretary of defense to institute a government lodging program to provide quality government or commercial lodging for service members and civilians on official travel.
  • The pilot will continue through 2019. The Defense Travel Management Office expects additional sites to be added.

Here are the Integrated Lodging Program Pilot sites

Check out the complete listing of Integrated Lodging Program Pilot sites.

Book your official travel lodging directly in the new Defense Travel System.

More information, including frequently asked questions and a description of how the program works, is available on the Defense Travel Management Office website. Explore Department of Defense lodging options today.

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