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The Military Child Education Coalition supports all military-connected children, youth and teens by educating, advocating and collaborating to resolve education challenges associated with the military lifestyle. MCEC offers programs, initiatives and resources to military families and educators. The parenting resources page includes resources, programs and training, and latest articles for parents of military-connected children.

How this resource helps

This benefit helps parents of military-connected children, youth and teens by providing them information and resources to support the academic, social and emotional needs of their children.

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MCEC provides parents resources to support their child’s education.

The MCEC parenting resources website has links to webinars, podcasts and stories to help inform parents on various education-related topics. Parents can also coordinate with a Military Student Consultant or use SchoolQuest to help change schools as the result of a permanent change of station.

How to access this resource

The MCEC parenting resources website provides links to supporting resources.

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