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The Department of Veterans Affairs provides veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned. The VA adheres to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, integrity and stewardship.

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How this resource helps

The VA carries out four specific missions to make good on its commitment:

  • Veterans Health Care: The Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health care network in the U.S. It has 1,255 facilities that serve 9 million enrolled veterans each year.
  • Veterans Benefits: Veterans can earn a range of benefits that help them transition back to civilian life. Through the Veterans Benefits Administration, VA helps service members transition out of military service. The VA assists with education, home loans, life insurance and much more.
  • The job of the National Cemetery Administration is to ensure those who served are never forgotten. NCA provides dignified burial services for veterans and eligible family members. It provides lasting tributes to commemorate their service and sacrifice to our nation. NCA maintains 142 cemeteries as national shrines.
  • The Fourth Mission: VA’s “Fourth Mission” is to improve the nation’s preparedness. Fourth Mission reponds to war, terrorism, national emergencies and natural disasters. It develops plans and takes actions to ensure continued service to veterans. It also supports national, state and local emergency management, public health, safety and homeland security efforts.
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Stay healthy after service with VA Health Centers

VA health benefits can be used to treat illnesses and injuries, prevent future health problems, improve your ability to function and enhance your quality of life.

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VA education and training benefits can save you money

Advance your civilian career with VA education and training benefits like the GI Bill®.

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Veterans housing assistance benefits can help you buy a home

VA housing assistance can help veterans, service members and their surviving spouses buy a home or refinance a loan.

How to access this resoruce

Find out more about your VA benefits by locating a VA facility or in-network community care provider. The VA website provides a locator for finding these facilities.

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Learn about military bases worldwide. Get installation overviews, check-in procedures, housing, neighborhood information, contacts for programs and services, photos and more.

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