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In the military, you learn to prepare for the future using the tools at your disposal. When it comes to saving money, the military provides several tools so you can build a secure financial future. The more money you save, the more prepared you will be for opportunities or unexpected events that come your way. You may want to buy a new car, help your children pay for college or start contributing to your retirement. Military OneSource provides the resources and information to help you master the skills of budgeting and saving so that you can build financial security.

Track your expenses

You may be surprised at how small daily costs can add up. Examine your monthly cash flow to see how much is coming in and going out. What does your housing payment look like? How much do you spend on car loans, household bills and entertainment costs? To get help with tracking your expenses, there are multiple apps you can download for free. There are also many comprehensive software programs available.

Live within your means

Get on the right financial track by tracking your expenses and deciding the best ways to allocate your paycheck for long-term financial success. You’ll find ways to successfully manage your budget, great (even some easy) ways to save money and steps to take to help you live within a budget, while managing to squirrel away some savings.

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Find out what calculators you can use to help you keep your budget with in your means.


Reduce expenses

There are many ways to reduce expenses and save money. Start with using military discounts, reducing energy use, couponing and tapping into Defense Department travel services. Consider doing home repairs and maintenance yourself or swap services or trade time with a neighbor.

Save during deployment

With deployment comes some additional cash, providing a good opportunity to save money and work toward financial security. Set savings goals that will make the most of your special payments. Decide how much you need to save each pay period to reach your goal. Make your savings goal official by taking a pledge with the Military Saves campaign.

Resources, benefits and support services for budgeting and saving


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