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When you marry a service member, you may find you’re taking on new roles. You’re probably adapting to changing schedules, learning different ways of doing things and developing creative ways to compromise. The adjustments become much easier if you have the right information and helpful resources at your fingertips.

Here are a few ways to make the adjustment to military life as smooth as possible:

Understand the lingo

You might be wondering what those stripes and bars are on your spouse’s uniform. Those symbols represent rank — the higher the rank, the more responsibility. Having a working knowledge of ranks in the military and how to greet each rank can make you feel more at home in a military family. We provide guidance on what all the military insignia means so that you feel more confident and part of the gang.

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Connect to the community

Joining a community of military spouses can change the way you view the military. The military spouse community can:

  • Provide a place where you can ask questions
  • Offer support
  • Allow you to make lifelong friends

You will have many chances to build your network of friends and fellow military spouses. Start by connecting with your installation’s Family Readiness Group, the Spouse Ambassador Network and through Blog Brigade.

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Strengthen your marriage or relationship

Keeping a military marriage or relationship strong requires a different skill set than a civilian marriage. Deployments and frequent relocations can add stress. Here are a few ways to strengthen your bond:

  • Free, confidential relationship counseling through Military OneSource
  • Marriage enrichment programs offered by each military service branch
  • Love Every Day, a mobile solution that prompts you and your partner via text to connect in new ways.

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Manage a marriage with two service members

When you and your spouse are service members, dual military life can be a challenge. Staying connected while juggling the demands of two hectic careers can strain even the best relationship. Learn techniques to help you balance work and family life. And work together to develop strategies to deal with all aspects of military life.

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