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Air Force Key Spouse Program Courses


These courses are intended for volunteer appointees of the Air Force Key Spouse Program. They provide the tools, information and resources needed to serve as an effective and supportive unit representative. They can be completed at the user’s own pace, making it convenient for those who work full time or have a busy schedule.

The modules covered in these courses will:

  • Prepare you for disasters by informing you about emergency families, assistance centers and evacuation operations.
  • Dive deeper into mission readiness and how it is the key to successfully accomplishing the mission at a deployed location and at home.
  • Provide a better understanding of operational security and information security, such as safeguarding personally identifiable information.

You must enroll in both courses and complete the final course assessment to become an Air Force key spouse.

Review more about the courses in the following descriptions and start taking them today.

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These courses support the career area of your MilLife.

key spouse training
Part 1 contains information on the Course Introduction Webinar, as well as the first set of four modules: Key Spouse Program Overview, Communication, Generational Diversity and Operational Security.
Length: 2 hours
key spouse program member
Part 2 contains the second set of four modules: Deployment, Disaster Preparedness, Information Security and Resilience, as well as information on the Course Capstone Webinar and final course assessment.
Length: 2 hours

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