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Military leaders interested in career development and potential career advancement can build management and communications skills. The following four courses can help you sharpen your people and team leadership skills. You will also:

  • Learn more about the Personnel Accountability program and its importance.
  • Understand how to lead Resources Exist, Asking Can Help, or REACH, sessions with service members, as well as how to use motivational interviewing skills in your sessions and know how to connect service members with available resources.
  • Discover tips and methods directly related to suicide prevention.
  • Gain more knowledge about your role and how it relates to the Family Advocacy Program.

Review more about the courses in the following descriptions and start taking them today.

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These courses support the mind and career areas of your MilLife.

First Responder on a boat
There are many factors you need to consider during a crisis. Use this course to learn how to best account for yourself and others during natural and man-made disasters.
Length: 10 minutes
Civilian sitting with service members
This six-part course is designed to equip prospective facilitators with the knowledge and skills they need to lead effective Resources Exist, Asking Can Help, or REACH, sessions with service members. REACH is a mindset that encourages service members to get in front of their problems by seeking help early and using available resources.
An officer saluting
As a commanding officer or senior enlisted adviser, your leadership is critical to supporting service members and families under your command. Understanding your role as it relates to the program is key to preventing and responding to incidents of abuse. This course offers case studies and includes downloadable resources. You will need a Common Access Card to enroll.
Length: 45 minutes

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