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The courses below provide an overview of the resources and tools available for anyone exposed to a death by suicide — and for those helping service members who may be at risk for suicide. They offer guidance and communication techniques for staying connected to a support system, as well as suicide prevention practices to help service members quickly get the assistance they need.

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These courses support the mind areas of your MilLife.

comforting hands
In the aftermath of a suicide, you may experience a wide range of complex emotions and may need to learn new ways of caring for yourself and others. This course provides compassionate support and helpful guidance to those affected by a death by suicide.
Length: 45 minutes
father comforts son
This course will help service providers gain a greater awareness of the complicated nature of suicide, establish a rapport with and support suicide loss survivors, and offer tools to help protect against the heavy impact of a suicide death.
Length: 2 hours

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