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If you are a service member interested in becoming a sponsor, the updated, interactive eSponsorship Application & Training, or eSAT course gives you all the resources you need to help other service members have a successful move.

As a sponsor, it’s your duty to provide information to new service members at your station. The new, interactive eSAT course gives you the resources you need to be a successful sponsor.

Length: 40 minutes

eSAT course updates

The eSAT is now more comprehensive and uses real-life situations to test your knowledge as you gear up for sponsorship.

  • Course content is more dynamic and effective.
    • Course content has been streamlined to four “mission” challenges.
    • Additional quiz questions offer increased chances to successfully complete your missions.
  • Course format can be tailored to new or experienced sponsors.
    • Experienced sponsors can demonstrate their knowledge with a pretest score of 85% or higher and earn their certificate.
    • New sponsors can skip the pretest and go directly to the course.
    • Course can now be completed in approximately 40 minutes.
  • Tools and Resources feature helpful, service-specific sponsorship resources.

The eSAT supplements training requirements your service may have for sponsorship. Remember to check with your service for specific sponsorship requirements and guidelines.

What the eSAT provides

The training will walk you through your sponsorship duties and help you find the resources and information your newcomer may need. Among its features are:

  • Easy access — Access the eSAT course 24/7 through MilLife Learning. Use an existing account or register for a new account. If you’re new to MilLife Learning, check out this quick reference guide to help you set up an account and launch your course.
  • Details about your role as a sponsor — Learn all about your new responsibilities and find what you need for effective sponsorship.
  • The most current tools and resources — Master the most up-to-date information and resources, so you can be confident in what you’re passing along.
  • Customizable resources — Access and download a sponsor checklist, a newcomer needs assessment and customizable email templates.
  • A certificate of completion — Once you’ve finished the eSAT course, you can download and print your completion certificate. MilLife Learning even stores your completed course information so you can keep track of all your trainings.

As a sponsor, you’re a direct representative of your unit and installation. The updated eSAT course lets you approach those duties with confidence knowing you have the latest information and resources. Check out other ways you can master your move or help others master their move through Military OneSource.

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