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School Liaison Special Education Support

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If you’re a military parent, you may know that the Defense Department School Liaison Program offers a variety of education assistance for children ages pre-K through grade 12. But did you know that school liaisons also offer support for special education needs? If you have a family member with special needs, learn more about education support available from your local school liaison.

What is a school liaison?

Looking for your school liaison?

Use the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS website locator tool to find your local School Liaison Program office.

School liaisons are located at each installation and are the main contact for military families, local school systems and installation leadership for school-related matters pre-K through 12th grade. School liaisons are experienced professionals who support, advise and build partnerships with the civilian and military community to help address common education challenges of military families. Learn more about the variety of support available from the School Liaison Program.

Education assistance for family members with special needs

School liaisons offer a variety of education support for family members with special needs, including help with transitioning to a new school, navigating the special education system in your current school or addressing general education issues and needs.

If your family is PCSing with a family member with special needs, your school liaison can help you:

  • Connect with the Exceptional Family Member Program in your new location
  • Find a school at your new location that best fits your child’s educational needs
  • Help you transfer your child’s medical and school records
  • Obtain information regarding the special education programs offered by your new school
  • Help your child to receive comparable services identified in his or her individual education plan, or IEP, in your new location
  • Locate community resources such as tutors, youth sponsors, extracurricular activities and more

School liaisons also offer general education support for family members with special needs, including:

  • Deployment support
  • Help obtaining information regarding the special education programs at your school
  • Help preparing for postsecondary opportunities
  • Parent workshops

Still have questions about school liaisons and support for your family member with special needs? Military OneSource consultants are available 24/7 to answer your questions and connect you with the resources you need. Call 800-342-9647, use international calling options or set up a live chat.

Want to find the phone number for your installation’s Military and Family Support Center or EFMP Family Support office? Find those and more on MilitaryINSTALLATIONS, an online information directory for military installations worldwide. For updates and information specific to your location, visit your installation’s official website. You can also follow your installation’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram platforms.

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